MOBility as a source of personal and professional Growth, Autonomy and Employability
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MOB G.A.E - MOBility as a source of personal and professional Growth, Autonomy and Employability

MOB G.A.E - MOBility as a source of personal and professional Growth, Autonomy and Employability is a Lifelong learning KA4 project co-funded by the European Union and promoted by the Accademia Europea di Firenze (IT) in cooperation with PEN (BG); DEP Institut, Oneco and Nexes (ES); EUROYOUTH and Rede Inducar (PT); GEB (Germany); North West Academy & Intern Europe (UK); Cap Ulysse (FR); Semper Avanti (PL); ZNI (Slovenia); Amadeus (AT); VUSTE ENVIS (CZ); Intercultural Institute of Timisoara (RO); Paragon Europe (MT) and PLATO (CY).     MOB G.A.E. aims to evaluate and disseminate the impact of international mobility experiences within the transversal framework of EU programmes. The focus of the evaluation lies on how a mobility project experience can impact skills, knowledge and behaviors. This is, the partnership pursuits to find out what contributes to the employability of the person, her social integration, independence and ability to continuously learn from acquired experiences. 
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Intermediate meeting in Prague, 22nd and 23rd January 2015

The good cooperation of all partners within MOB G.A.E. progresses at a good pace. This was the main conclusion from the seminar in Prague.
After one year working together the Blog is alive and in good health, the first phase of the research is done (collection of data) and a qualified team is now working on analyzing the data.

National dissemination meetings start

The first national dissemination meeting was held in Berlin on the 29th January under the theme
"Internationalisation strategies for SME thru mobility projects".
Local representatives of chamber of crafts, Berlin Partner Network and SMEs met for networking and how to use the advantages of mobility programmes in order to better qualify their staff and to attract European qualified workforce.
Companies and former trainees shared the added value mobility programmes brought to their life and the first preliminary results of the Mob G.A.E. research raised the public interest.
This is just the first of many more meetings, since all partners will be holding local dissemination meetings this year.

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Mob G.A.E at the Eastern Partnership Youth Forum

The preliminary results of the research were presented in Riga, Latvia on 9-11 February. The Forum provided space to discuss and recommended steps to be taken as regards young people's employability.
The 2nd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum offered participants the possibility to present their views on these topics, to discuss the latest research findings, develop and put forward their conclusions to policy makers.

Join the Flash Mob on the European Union Day!

The planning for the common flash mob action to promote the Mob G.A.E. project is a step ahead and the partners have now found a motto: MOVE TO LEARN! MOVE TO GROW! EU GO!
The Flash Mob will be run in all countries of the partners and at the final conference we will have a common video.
Very soon updates will follow!
If you have an interest in organizing or participating please contact the partner institution in your country!

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European programmes changes professional paths

Find out in our blog how participating in a work placement across Europe, studying or volunteering abroad not only changes your world vision, your personal life but also how this can be the turning point for a new professional future.
Read here some impressive stories of former participants:

"Before starting the EYE programme, I had already the concept of NostrAEnergy into my mind (...) Therefore, the matching through the Erasmus programme for Young Entrepreneurs was only a matter of time.
Navitas was waiting for European inputs in order to internationalize its company; as for me, I needed a training period focused on developing managerial and business skills. After the EYE experience, I would say I am ready to engage with a start up."

A story by Federico Tarantino

"8 years, 8 jobs, 8 different countries.
The one country that was still on my list and that I had not yet had the chance to live in was ITALY. At that moment I had arrived at a turning-point (...) the internship that I was partaking in was very significant for my current career. I was working in the HR-department of a public state office - and guess where I am now? I am indeed working for a state office in Germany!"
A story by Hanna G.

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