MOB G.A.E First National Newsletter
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Dear reader,
Welcome to the MOB G.A.E First National Newsletter!

MOB G.A.E - MOBility as a source of personal and professional Growth, Autonomy and Employability
The MOB GAE is a Lifelong learning KA4 project co-fundend by the European Union and promoted by the Accademia Europea di Firenze (IT) in cooperation with Bulgaria Gateway (BG); DEP Institut, Oneco & Nexes (ES); Euroyouth and Rede Inducar(PT); GEB (Germany); North West Academy & Intern Europe (UK); Cap Ulysse (FR); Semper Avanti (PL); ZNI (Slovenia); Amadeus (AT); VUSTE ENVIS (CZ); Intercultural Institute of Timisoara (RO); Paragon Europe (MT) and PLATO (CY).
MOB GAE’s main purpose is to evaluate the impact a mobility experience can have on the life and career of a person.
The project has launched a series of tools for analysis and evaluation. The partnership decided to reach at least 2,500 participants for research purposes and currently the data is being analysed, updates in the coming newsletters!

You can follow the developments of the project by visiting the MOB G.A.E project on our website Facebook  and Twitter.

If you want to read the stories of former participants who have undertaken a mobility project please check our latest stories.

We would appreciate your feedback and wish you an informative read! NW Academy MOB G.A.E. Team
Gabriela – Work placement in Derry
Get inspired by the stories from former beneficiaries of mobility projects, who have shared their personal and professional changes after a mobility project experience.
"All in all, I gained much more than just professional skills, because I feel I grew up personally one more time. I am more aware of cultural differences as well as similarities between them, but most importantly I am a more open and respectful person."- Gabi, if you would like to contribute to our BLOG! please find the link above
The Research Phase
The aim of our research is to investigate if and how a mobility project experience can impact skills, knowledge and behaviors.
The research is currently being analysed and we will be updating you soon
2nd Meeting in Prague, January 2015
The MOB G.A.E. consortium will meet for the second time in Prague for 2 day meeting in order to share and discuss our activities,achievements, and the 2015 tasks to be carried out by all partners for the project to be successful. There will be a joint reflection on what the challenges have been, what they might be and the most effective ways to achieve the project aims