O!PEN organized local seminars with 115 youth in Bulgaria


in Gabrovo

From September to November the team of O!PEN had organized five local dissemination meetings for sharing the results of the international survey about the impact of the mobilities on personal and professional development among young people. The meetings were held in Sofia, Gabrovo, Veliko Turnovo, Chepelare and Smolyan and gathered about 115 youth. The program consisted on sharing some of the Bulgarian stories available on the www.mobgae.eu website. The participants were asked to share their stories from their mobilities as well as pointing out pluses and minuses. We also paid attention to some of the aspects concerning mobilities such as taking risks, particularly when the mobility is longer. How much we are independent, do we develop our talents, increasing our self-confidence, do we improve our social skills and to what extend we change our lives after the mobility. These are some of the questions discussed in all 5 places.


In Veliko Turnovo

Apart the topic of the mobility and what we gain out of it we discussed what global competences the young people should have. The agenda was similar for all meetings, but the meetings and the stories of the participants were so divers with different experience – some very positive – others totally changed after a mobility and third not so good feelings. We can say that the findings from the report are not different than what those youth have realized. As conclusion we can say that the mobilities are having huge impact on the young people as it’s a big opportunities for professional development in particular sphere as well as an asset for gaining social skills.

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