CAP ULYSSE – Bordeaux

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Address: 5 rue Marengo 33000 Bordeaux

Cap Ulysse is a French training centre who is committed to European mobility and to the training of the European labor market. It has experience in the European Life Long Learning Programmes for more than ten years:

Leonardo da Vinci program (PLM & IVT Mobility, Partnership & Transfer of Innovation)

Erasmus (Mobility &Co-operation between Higher Education Institutions and Enterprises)

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Its main fields of interest are: entrepreneurship, cooperation between companies and vocational education, recognition and certification of competences and abilities acquired at work, required soft skills to enter the labor market, intercultural skills to work abroad….

Ses secteurs d’intérêt sont : l’entreprenariat, la coopération entre monde du travail et formation professionnelle, la reconnaissance et la certification des compétences et des connaissances acquisesen milieu de travail, les compétences transversalesindispensables au monde du travail dont les compétences interculturelle.