Petar – Personal and professional development in UK

Petar Trifonov

A story by Petar Trifonov

Country of origin: Bulgaria

Destination: UK

Type of mobility: Professional

I took part in the mobility experience, because I knew that it will give me the opportunity to meet new people, to develop my personal and professional skills, to give me the chance to work in a team and see what life’s like, out there.

The reason I stayed there was that every work day I woke up and I told myself “I‘m going to work! Yes! ” and every weekend – “What are we doing today?” and there were a lot of things to do in a new city, believe me! There wasn’t a single day that I wanted to go back, for any reason! In fact, I was sad for the end of it!

This experience brought me a personal development, such as visiting places from my “To-do list”, meeting a lot of new people, from different cultures, expressing my thoughts in a different language, without any difficulties and finding a way to make out on your own, when you are out there. And if I have to talk about my professional experience, such as working in a real-time environment, with all the responsibilities and tasks provided for me, building up my knowledge, while searching for the goal, sharing ideas for the business and organizing administration work, it was risk of my own, knowing that has to be done perfect, but still it was trilling.

The mobility helped me feel like a real European citizenship, honestly!

I would not only advise family or friends for doing this kind of mobility, but I would push them going for it, because for me this is a one life-time opportunity and I think that it is very useful for the future of every young person , that is why I highly recommend it!

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