Polona in Sarajevo

A story by: Polona
Country of origin: Slovenia
Destination country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

The decision to leave my comfort zone and step into the unknown. Sarajevo was chosen because Sarajevo stimulated my curiosity due to its traditional cultural and religious diversity. Besides that I had always appetite for travelling and Sarajevo still wasn`t marked on my list of visited places. I think Sarajevo is one of the most unique places in the world. Here you will find great people, good food (better if you`re not vegetarian), many beautiful bars where you`ll feel like you`re back in time and where you can listen really good concerts -especially rock, blues, soul, jazz- during the week and most of them don`t have an entrance fee. If you` are fed up with loud music you can go to the theatre or just relax on the sofa and smoke a shisha in one of the traditional bars in Baščaršija. The time I spent in Sarajevo surely contributed to my personal development. Although it was hard at the beginning to follow lectures and study law in the Bosnian language I was able to speak Bosnian fluently after practicing in everyday conversations and after a free Bosnian course offered by the University of Sarajevo (which was enabled by International Relations Office). A team of International Relations Office at the University of Sarajevo was very kind and helpful. They honestly tried to make our time in Sarajevo pleasant. They provided me with all useful information. About Faculty of law in Sarajevo I can say it has a very good study programme and a lot of interesting subjects. Many professors have consultations for students once a week. Besides learning about the legal system, my student exchange in Sarajevo was a journey of discovering myself, incredible places, cultures and meeting new people. I would recommend Sarajevo to everyone. Don`t be scared, take your step and go out of the box because there are so many things to see, learn and enjoy.

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