Presentation of the MOB GAE research on Impacts of Mobility

Last Thursday, 19th  June in Lisbon, EUROYOUTH and Rede INDUCAR, partners of MOB GAE in Portugal, presented the results and conclusions of the research conducted under this project that aims to strengthen  the work in this field in Portugal and Europe.

A total of 2,289 online questionnaires were collected, 243 individual interviews and 25 focus groups. Qualitative data was also collected in the form of alumni testimonials about their mobility.

During the presentation we had the presence of more than 30 participants, including the National Agency for Erasmus+, professional schools, associations and mobility participants that all together contribute with an important role in the dissemination and exploitation of the project results.

We thank all the participants who were present and who showed interest in the topic developed in this project.

We believe it was a very positive presentation. EUROYOUTH and Inducar will hold future events for other mobility stakeholders in this project MOB GAE!

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