Sara – Prague was just the beginning

A Story by Sara, a journalist

Country of Origin: Italy

Destination: Prague (Czech Republic)

(Story collected by Vuste Envis)

Prague 01

Prague was just the beginning. The experience was so astonishing that I continued travelling and learning all around Europe since then. I felt fulfilled both, personally and professionally. This was a strong experience for me that encourage me to keep on trying and be aware that things are possible if you really want them and make all that is in your hands to make them true.

The first day that I met the crew from Vuste Envis, they gave me some information about the different Medias where I could do my internship. I remember they were three possible options: Vice Magazine, Prague Post and Czech Business weekly; all of them written in English, so there was no need to panic about the Czech issue and the most important, they were totally related to my field. After being interviewed by the three possible placements, I had the opportunity to choose which one I preferred. And I chose Czech Business Weekly. I felt really welcomed by all the staff, specially the editor in chief Cristina Muntean and later on the big boss, Raymond Johnston. Actually, both of them are on my Facebook now 🙂 They knew exactly what they want me to do and I really liked what I heard. I’ll be one of them. My tasks were totally according to my academic and professional field; I wrote my own pieces and they were published with my signature.

Furthermore, I had the chance to work in a publication focused on the European economics and politics while Prague held the rotating presidency of the EU (first semester 2009). This made it easier to find spokespersons that spoke English, which was a relief when I had to cover meetings and press conferences.

I learned a lot trough my internship training; I gained an international experience that is still valuable for me and for other companies; I improved my professional and linguistic skills; I met a lot of interesting people from all over Europe; I realized that journalism was definitely my field and travelling something more than just an option and I discovered one of the most charming cities that I’ve ever seen. And its reaction has been bright and clear ever after.

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