Saul – I created Bohemian Glass lamps in Prague!

A Story by Saul, an Industrial Designer

Country of Origin: Spain

Destination: Prague (Czech Republic)

(Story collected by Vuste Envis)

Prague 04

I arrived to Prague in January of 2010. My first impression was that Prague was cold with a hard climate. The work from the team Vuste Envis has done that everything has been easy. I have studied industrial design, so my expectations when I have arrived to Prague, I wanted to get experience and develop my professional degree. It was easy to explain my skills to my tutor from Vuste Envis. After to do this, they started to look a job for me. In a few days I got it my first interview, but was in the second interview when I got a job in line with my expectations.

My first days in my new job were difficult, but I started to learn and to doing things quickly. So, I needed only one week to get to feel comfortable in the team work. I have learnt a new things, new skills and overall a new way to work.

I can say, that was very interest experience that gave me a new perspective to watch the things. I have worked in different projects. One of them was to create new switches to the light, yes! Switches, sounds bored but it’s not true). After that, I have done another project, more interest than the first one: Create Lamps of Bohemian Glass! I enjoyed this project a lot! About of the culture in Czech Republic, I going to say that was amazing.

It’s true that I like to discover new cultures and know new countries but in Prague I have got a unknown culture that never seen before. In this city you have a lot of things to do, and never been boring. You can go to the opera, Ice hockey, Football, Ballet, Shows… and of course, you can have fun in a lot of kind of parties! The nights of Prague are something that somebody has to try! If you are wondering if I’m still living in Prague it’s not true, but you have to know that it’s a point to get in my future.

After finishing my experience there, my boss offered me a job but I couldn’t take it because I wanted to one degree more. Today, I’m studying in Scotland, but I thinking to come back to Prague and try luck looking a job. This was my experience! I have to say thanks for the all team from Vuste Envis, that always have been there helping me and doing a nice work.

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