See how it was good ! (video)

A story by : Anakarina 

Country of origin : Spain     

Country of destination: France 

(by Amadeus)
“I loved my mobility experience. To be honest, France was a country i wasn’t to happy to go, but France has grown a lot on me since my stay.

I do have to admit that my french level isn’t as high as i wanted it to be, but it has improve in some aspects, as my comprehension level is pretty, great right now, and my speaking skills have improved, but not as much as i wanted to.

I loved the culture diversity of Bordeaux it is most definitely a city i would consider moving  in the future.

This experience has been unique for me and i’ would obviously repeat it.


-Do you feel more european now ?


In my case i’m latin American and i have spend most of my life in America than in Europe. But, yes, i would say that i feel a little european  now.”