The best working experience of my life, by Katharine Abbott

Beautiful Seville

A story by: Katharine Abbott

Country of origin: United Kingdom; Destination Country: Spain

I graduated in the summer of 2012 with a degree in French and Spanish and, six months later, was still having no luck finding a job where I could use my languages.  The careers advisor at my university recommended the Eurograduate Programme so I applied, not sure if it would lead anywhere, but luckily for me it did! My main reason for applying was to improve either my French or my Spanish and I decided I would like to try working for the charity sector; I was given a work placement in a centre for refugees in Seville. I had already done an Erasmus year as part of my degree so I wasn’t too worried about living abroad, but even if I had been all the support and help I was given from the programme made it unbelievably easy to move abroad and start work.  I settled in straightaway in an amazing house in the centre of Seville, shared with other people from all over Europe doing similar work experience placements.  I was also able to attend a language course before starting work, which was a great way to get back into speaking Spanish and to get to know some other ‘foreigners’ living in Seville.

The work placement gave me so much confidence: it feels amazing to know you can work abroad and after those first day nerves I felt like nothing else could daunt me.  From a personal point of view, meeting people from all over Europe (and the world!) really widened my horizons and gave me memories I will never forget.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay on at the centre, however I managed to get a job at a summer school so I could stay on a bit longer in Seville, I felt so at home there it was very difficult to leave. It was without a doubt the best working experience of my life and I would recommend it to anyone!

Madeline Blackburn - Intern Europe

Having taught all over the world, Madeline is passionate helping young people to find work opportunities overseas. She is a co-director of Intern Europe and ESPA which are dedicated to helping young adults find great work experience and internships across Europe.

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