The Erasmus Impact Study – Regional Analysis

It has been shown that graduates’ international mobility experience within the Erasmus+ programme strengthens their personality and improves their job prospects overall . However the recent Erasmus Impact Study Regional Analysis undertaken by CHE Consult for the European Commission reveals that the effects might not be equally positive for everybody. To a great extent it depends on who goes, where and at what age. The impact of Erasmus differs among European regions. In Southern Europe Erasmus helps in fighting unemployment while in Eastern Europe Erasmus alumni easily get managerial level positions.  The study’s conclusions highlight that decision makers should focus their attention on the effectiveness of internationalisation strategies, the quality of institutional partnerships, the design of the educational experience for incoming students, as well as, proper and sound evaluation of the actual impact in order to improve their policies.

The full press release. 

The full study: The Erasmus Impact Study – Regional Analysis