The level of personal growth is very enriching

A story from Ana Cardeano,

Country of origin: Portugal 

Country of destination: Ireland

My name is Ana, I´m 25 years old and had a mobility experience (Leonardo Da Vinci) from 3 months in Ireland.

After graduate a friend that had done Leonardo in Italy told me that I could apply. I did that and I was selected. I wanted to have a real work experience, at international level and understand if I was able to work in an international and multicultural level. If I was able to be away from home, to live by myself, to get to know me better. Also for the challenge and to have work responsibilities.

It totally fulfil my expectations! The initial fears fade out. I’m not afraid to embrace a professional career. I know I can survive in another country and succeed. My autonomy growth, I’ve learned to be alone and have more responsibility at home and at work. It was really enriching, at personal and professional level. I even got contact with new working areas that I originally excluded, as working with kids, or in the mental health area, with adults and seniors. I’m now more confident to work and have a professional career.

As a friend did with me, I also try to advise others about mobility experiences.Ireland_Incoming_Trainees

When some people are having doubts whether or not to participate (eg ERASMUS), I try to help and share my experience. The level of personal growth is very enriching.

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