The new me! – Alexandra Conearic’s story


I benefit from a mobility program, because I wanted to learn new things and meet new people. I choose to go in an international training course. At the beginning of the event, my expectations were not very high, because I didn’t now many things about the topic of the training. The subject was new for me and when I started the mobility I thought that anything that would be taught to me or showed to me would be great, and it was.

The life after the mobility

The mobility was just one week, and of course I wanted to come back in Timisoara and implemented all the things that I‘ve learn there … And I mange to implement the outcomes of the training course. In the mobility we were a team from Timisoara and when we came back we worked together to staged a forum theatre play and we manage to do very well. It was great – the work, the preparation and the play itself.

Regarding my professional life, the mobility helped me a lot! First of all I started doing forum theatre  – which I didn’t done it before and made me realize that forum theatre is a method that change things in society and I plan to do more forum theater. And in my personal life the training helped me to have more courage, to express myself on the stage, to realize that there are some things that I do very well, and I hope that when my children grow up I will be able to involved them in this kind of work.

The impact of the mobility 

The fact that I participated in an international mobility, it helped me a lot! First of all the trainers were from Theater of Oppressed from Paris – they were very prepared and knew very well the topic. Secondly the people coming from different cultural, historical and political background (Palestine) they all came with their own perspective and ideas which enriched the whole experience. Beside the professional part of the training, we had the interactions among ourselves which also contribute to enhance my knowledge of what happens in the world and it gave me a different perspective of the things that I thought I knew but I actually didn’t know. And all this learning happened out side or the training course sessions.

For sure I will recommend the mobility to my friends, because it is a great opportunity to improve yourself and to test what you can do and know and what you cannot do or know.  A mobility is a discovery to a new you!