photo - Martina

Country of origin: Italy

Country of destination: Cyprus

By Martina Valentini – Plato

T – Training. I worked at Plato Educational Services, and got involved in a project related to an innovative way to learn and teach English. It has been a multitasking job, consisting of different activities linked to my field of study, such as strategic and operative marketing, product management, social media marketing. At the same time, I’ve been involved in the organization of a European Flashmob to promote European Mobility Programmes. In this way I had the opportunity to put what I had studied into practice and to gain new skills too. And thanks to the supervision of my tutor I had the chance to acquire abilities that you cannot learn through books. And being a trainee means collaboration too, having the possibility to work with a really prepared team, colleagues that have become good friends.

R – Richness. I mean internal richness, both personal and professional. I improved my English and my professional skills. There has been constant exchange and sharing of ideas, opinions, experiences, as well as meeting and  getting to know smart and amazing people.

A – About me. I really like travelling and the Leonardo Programme gave me the opportunity to work abroad. This way, I could match the chance to travel with the possibility to work.

V – Value. I gained values. Something that is more than the job itself, more than the abilities I acquired.

E – Experience. Meaning not only my job experience but also my life experience. I attended a 20-hour Greek course for one week, I drove on the left, I tried typical Cypriot food, thus appreciating culture and tradition.

L – Limassol. It’s the city where everything took place. Fascinating in every detail, starting from its beautiful landscapes and attractions, passing through its intense nightlife and ending with its amazing people…


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