The training in Greece that opened my eyes


A story by: Kirilka Angelova

Country of Origin: Bulgaria

Country of Destination: Greece

It was the beginning of July 2013 when my phone rang and a voice said: “Hello my name is Emil. We’ve got your application form for the upcoming Training of Trainers in Greece. Kirilka we have only one question to ask you. Can you be a trainer in human rights?”

And I replied: “But of course! It does not matter of the topic, either communication or whatever topic. I definitely can do it, because the procedure is similar. /smiling/

And that’s how began my CHARMing journey….

Bus station. People. A lot of people. Everybody is on the road… Me as well. It’s not my first getting out of the country, because since Greece I had visited 12 countries in Europe, but it is my first international training and I am going to training in Greece. With expectations for new friendships, unforgettable emotions and new skills. But having in mind a question – what will happen there? Somebody said that it does not matter how ready we are – we can never predict what will happen – we can’t even imagine what we’ll gain and what we’ll learn and achieve!

heartsI’m just wondering how to begin and share my CHARMing story with you all started in beautiful Greece. What with to start first? Should I start describing the amazing people that I met there? Or saying about the topic of the training? Should I start with the emotional level that returned me to myself? Or should I share the experience that I gained?  What should I start with?

But let me share a bit of my joy by saying that the first day was the key day for me, that was the moment when I realized that I have to be a participant and I should forget about all my experience. I should open my heart, my mind and my soul. This was the key moment and of course the most difficult one. The idea of the training was to build strong community of trainers in human rights, so almost all of the activities were into the human rights theory and practice. I don’t have enough words. I can’t speak or write to explain everything that I went through… but it was so strong and it is still in my heart!

From Bulgaria I was with four amazing people with whom I’m in very close relationship. These people are my best friends. They are very deep in my heart. The idea of this training was to build a team of trainers and we became the trainers of the international project CHARM!

Besides the work we’ve done I enjoyed my time in the lovely Greece and the delicious food. I became more and more CHARMing, and I really took the idea of the project deep in my heart and mind! That experience in multicultural group was the change that I needed, the self-assessment of where I was, what I wanted to do and to give… I will never ever forget this „CHARMing youth work” training.

This particular experience made me better person for better life, made me fighter and it “OPENED MY EYES”. I can say thank you (LOUDLY) very much. I learned a lot and I took as much as I could.

P.S. Thank you Emo, Vladi, C.E.G.A , Bobi, Lili, Ogi, Milenko, Aris and Silvia!

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