Tina – My mobility experience in Ireland

A story by: Tina
Country of origin: Slovenia
Destination country: Ireland

Picture: My hosting company AOIFE (Association of Irish Festival Events) with Executive Director, Mr. Colm Croffy, employees, intern from Italy, intern from Netherlands and intern from Slovenia.

I took part of the mobility because at that time I was without a job and as a former student I didn’t have opportunity to have mobility experience. So it was a wonderful chance to experience mobility with an option of getting a job abroad.
My internship lasted for two months and it has finished because LDV project finished. I didn’t stay longer, because Ireland also has big percentage of unemployed people, so hosting company (AOIFE) couldn’t offer me a permanent job.
Mobility was a huge experience for me – from personal point of view I have learned a lot about other cultures (not only Irish but also Spanish, Italian, Finish and Dutch) and had opportunity to get to know some fantastic people who are still my good friends.  From professional point of view my English language has improved a lot, I have learned a lot about business and cultural activities in Ireland.
I don’t think mobility helped me feel like a European citizenship. I was just thankful, that I am European citizen and because of that I had opportunity to experience LDV project, which is part of EU projects.
I would certainly warmly advise mobility for everybody – some great projects are out there also for elder people – maybe some day 🙂

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