Tina – Erasmus Student Exchange Experience in Madrid

Story by: Tina

Country of origin: Maribor, Slovenia

Country of destination: Madrid, Spain

I went on Erasmus Student Exchange in 2009/10 when I was 25 years old. I attended  Erasmus because I knew it will broaden my perception of the world. Firstly, I decided to stay in Madrid for 5 months and decided to make a prolongation for 5 months more, because I liked the city and the possibilities that the city has to offer very much. I met a lot of interesting and great people from all around the world and traveled around Spain and Europe.

I learned Spanish in a short period of time, because my classes were in Spanish language. It was a particularly good experience for me, because now I can communicate in Spanish language. Because I do not come from a multicultural city like Madrid is, I´ve gained a deeper global awareness because of the interaction with people from all around the world.

I’ve got to know the cultural differences and consequently gained higher tolerance towards people who function and see things differently. I also gained flexibility and a capability to establish a conversation with people more easly.

It was a positive experinece and I think it had a great impact on my life. Since my participation in the mobility program I understand better how people live and think in other countries. I am still in touch with some people who I met and after my experience I have traveled to see them. I have made some great frendships and connections. I am more employable and have the capability to adopt myself to new surroundings and environments more quickly then before the experience.

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