A story by: Florentin

Country of origin: Romania

Country of destination: Austria

(By Amadeus)

It all started with my faculty. I did not think I will ever had a chance to visit other countries because I didn’t had financially power, until that day when I got this opportunity. I was selected for an internship in Austria in Vienna. I can say that experience helped me grow up more than I thought it’s possible. In 3 weeks I managed to make a lot of new friends and acquaintances. I managed to visit a lot of interesting new places. Here I was introduced to OPTION-3, the company has opened my door to further career as programmer. The people here are wonderful,  they dedicated their time to teach me something new and very interesting. I was involved in various projects and with their help we managed to take them to the end. This company gave me everything a young man needs to start in life, it was more that great. They shown simple and general notions, then slowly without realizing it I was involved in their projects. It was the first time I heard of Bootstrap. Honestly I had never heard of it before … But this notion has helped me tremendously. It changed my opinion about programming, I saw that with some simple things you can do really great things. I never had the chance to learn something like that. I thought it was just amazing how few people in a few weeks managed to bring me to an higher stage than the one of a beginner. Besides the fact that I learned something new and had the opportunity to work for a company, I had the chance to visit this wonderful city. I was overwhelmed by so much beauty. It changed my thinking radically. I interacted with so many people and I had the chance to know so many interesting persons that I was really impressed and amazed of. Of course there were problems like insecurity and fear of something new, but it was not really a problem. The environment in which I stayed, worked and we lived in together with other people let me overcome them. To be honest and sum everything I lived and experienced, to me was more than amazing. It was the most beautiful experience and that which had opened a new path in life, because of this I am more confident in myself than ever.  I think that every person should have that opportunity and seize it because it was awesome and whenever I get a chance I highly recommend it to everyone who has doubts about this. It helped me a lot and I whish the same chance to other persons.