Virginia – Multicultural experience in Northern Ireland

  • Virginia

A story by: Virginia Morolli
Country of origin: Italy
Destination: Derry/Northern Ireland
Type of mobility: Professional

I decide to take part in a mobility experience because I wanted to do a job experience different from what I am studying. After finishing high school I immediately start medicine without any other practice. I think is important to be able to put more work experiences in a CV. I also decide to do a mobility experience in an English speaking country to practice and improve my English.

I really love the experience and the Derry’s life but I have to go home to continue my studies. My job experience was very interesting and totally new to me but I know that I couldn’t do that kind of job for all my life. Maybe one month was too short but I think I’ve learn a lot in any case and for many reason I can’t extend my stay. I hope to come back here after my graduation, I feel happy in Ireland!

As I said above the kind of job that I had to do in Derry was a novelty. Before this experience I’ve never used computer as work equipment. I could only send email and use the internet; now I can use more programs to prepare tables or information panels. I also had to organize some social activities and programs so I did many research on all kind of website. The best part of my job experience was to be in charge of group of students and try to establish a nice relationship with them. Most of them where between 16 and 19 years old and sometimes is difficult to deal with people of that age. I don’t really like to speak in public but I had to learn that as well because I was the “authority”/leader.

I cannot really say that mobility helped me to feel like a European citizenship because I’m an Italian living in a very multicultural city (Brussels) who studied in a European school, so I already consider myself a European citizen. What I feel after my one month experience is that I’ve learn a lot of the northern Irish culture and way of living and it’s really enriching. I’ve always lived in Brussels a part from a month in Canada (working with people having mental disabilities), holidays in Italy and here. I’ve travelled a lot but living in a new place is very different from just travelling. When I’ll go home I’m going to try new recipes, I have new clothes, new books. Also if I just stay one month, when I’m walking in the city I don’t feel at all as a tourist but as a true inhabitant.

I would surely recommend a mobility experience to my family and friends. At any age going abroad to study a language and discover new countries and cultures is a good idea. I’ve noticed that in Derry there are student of any age and everybody is having fun, it’s a good way to escape from the routine of every day!

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