AlessiaA story from Alessia

Country of origin: Italy

Country of destination: Germany

When you leave for an experience in another country, you can’t imagine how much this experience will change you, your way of seeing things, your approach to another culture and your ability to adapt.

After I stayed one year in Spain when I was 17 years old, I decided to repeat this experience as soon as I had the opportunity to do an Erasmus with my University. I choose as destination Eichstätt (Germany). The town is really little, but the atmosphere is great and most of the inhabitants are students from all over Germany and the world, really a multicultural environment.

During my 9 months stay in Eichstätt I learned more than just to speak German and a different university system. I dispelled some common stereotypes about German people and I started to approach to many things in a new way. It is hard to explain why this experience was so important to me, but I can surely say that, in a positive way, I am not anymore the same person I was before leaving for Erasmus. International experiences open your mind and once you discover how special it is to discover other cultures, you won’t be able to stop anymore! After my Erasmus in fact I spent some time in Bristol, now I am doing an Internship in Barcelona and in September I will leave for my Master degree in Amsterdam. Anyway I hope to be able one day to do some experience in Asia or South America.

I will describe mine as Wanderlust “a very strong and irresistible impulse or desire to travel the world”.

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