We live in Forli


A story from Beata  VET Teacher

Coutry of origin Poland

Country of destination : Italy


Forli is a small town, which is living its own life. Everyday we were delighted at beauty of that city (and others Italian cities). It was nice to sit for a few moments on the main Forli square and just look what is happening around. On the streets between Piazza Saffi a Piazzale della Victoria (main streets of the city), among the historical collegiate buildings (in Forli is placed subsidiary of Bologna university, which is the oldest university in the world, founded in 1088) were walking well dressed Italians. Because Italians are never in hurry, sometimes in the morning I had impression that the only our students were running to work. And we were wondering  how is working their economy. We used to taste and we enjoy the smell and flavor of fresh brewed coffee. We were not admiring just landscapes, art and Italian cities. In Faenza we participated in cheese fair and we admired one of the oldest ceramics in the world, in Rimini we swim in the sea and from café terrace we enjoyed sunset. However, the most we enjoyed Bologna!  Many of elegant shops, restaurants, trattorias , wonderful cafes,  situated in an old tenements among the narrow and cobbled lanes. And everything hidden under dozens of kilometers of arcades that give the impression of stretching to endlessness. Gorgeous!  And life seems to be much more easier than in other part of Europe… But the most important was the goal of our arrival- VET students would like to gain the experience of working abroad. Everyday young people attended their traineeship. They worked in different places according to their modules : economists in the hotel, in the insurance companies and in the non profit organization..  I am – as their teacher- I am sure that what they saw and learned in this country (especially language communication) will give them many career opportunities in the future. Feelings and memories of Italy… especially the taste of ice cream flavored with freshly picked kaki- priceless!

Dorota Kowalska -SemperAvanti

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