Welttops, a German company open to Europe

Why did you take parPicturet in a mobility experience?

The mobility experience allows our small company to understand and analyse the customer behaviour in many EU countries, discovers new Markets and helps our company to place our products in new countries. We offer for every beneficiary the chance to get new Knowledges in Marketing/Webdesign/Databases/Elektronik and sales. We also give every beneficiary the chance to start a new job in his own country in the Sales and Marketing management, if the beneficiary can and wish to do such task.

If you stayed, why did you decide to stay?

We want to continue in this program to learn more about the new technologies from students as beneficiary in different technology domains for our products. Also to learn much more about the needs of the european customers and markets in order expand our company to new countries and help to create new jobs in the EU.

What did mobility bring to your life; from personal and professional point of view?

From Personal: Meet new people, new ways of Thinking, new cultures and way of living.

From Professional: We have got through this Program many new professional ideas from different countries in the EU. New Energie to discover new markets and analyse them. This helpes our company to grow.

Do you feel that mobility helped you to feel like a European citizenship?

The mobility bringts people together and helps people to get new chances and better opportunities to create new Jobs in the EU.

Would you recommend a mobility experience to your friends/family?

Yes, we already advised the mobility to many companies and friends because we think that the mobility can help both sides to grow.


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