What happened to the ‘Erasmus generation’? -Giusy Rossi

The MOB GAE project was mentioned by MOB GAE colaborator, Giusy Rossi, in her article,  What happened to the ‘Erasmus generation’? published in the Italian publication TESTIMONIANZE n. 497.

Here is the introduction/summary:

In a time when we hear constantly of young people, and especially the need for many to seek their fortune abroad, little is said of a European experience that involves so many of them positively. This European experience is the possibility offered by the Erasmus program, to do an internship abroad in a business or to complete their studies in a university. A fundamental experience,  in terms of personal growth and democratic consciousness, for those lucky enough to access it, and a great opportunity for Europe to form an active European citizenship, creative and “joyful” – as already advocated Beethoven with his ode to Joy – capable of overcoming negative stereotypes and deleterious nationalisms.