Working as a EVS coordinator

Bartek Urbanowicz_photo

A story by Bartek

Country of Origin: Poland


I started work in a youth association in Wroclaw, on February 2015 as assistant of the coordinatior of EVS projects.

My main duties are to organise and take care of the volunteers coming to our association. Our team contains around 5-8 persons depending on the projects that we are running.

Working with people form different countries and cultures is a great experience for me and I really enjoy it. Even thought we are coming form the different backgroud we have a lot of common things to share. We are exchanging our experiences, stores and knowledge which is very interesting and building process. Talking to people in foreign language improoves my communication skills and openness to others. Throught the contact with volunteers form abroad I can learn more about other people what also helps me learn more about myself.

Dorota Kowalska -SemperAvanti

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