Workshops for those who are to do a mobility abroad

mobilityThe MOB G.A.E. Project has developed a pre-departure educational module for participants preparing for a mobility experience. The module is entitled “I move therefore I grow” and its aim is to prepare participants on intercultural and interpersonal dimensions.

In November O!PEN will held three workshops with young people from Burgas. The workshops are designed for participants who are about to go abroad on a training, EVS, work-related mobility or just studying. Most probably we wont be able to give you practical advises for:

  • Concrete places
  • Nor when to pay your rent in Istanbul
  • Nor till when the night buses are running in Lion;
  • Nor the exchange rate of the Hungarian forint In Leva

But we will speak about what we can learn about ourselves and others when we meet different culture. And how to learn it and how to realize that we have learnt it. We will use non-formal educational methods and we promise it will be more interesting than the instructions in the airplane (where they first check whether you fasten your seat belt and afterwards are showing you how to fasten it J )

The dates are 20, 21 and 22nd November. More at: