I learned more about myself


A story by:Itziar

Country of Origin: Spain

Country of destination: Italy

I took part in this mobility to increase my professional experience. I arrive to Firenze last year in April with a Leonardo grant and i was there till the last of July. I did a trainseeship in Caritas Firenze, in a house for women and their children. I worked helping the women with their social problems and taking care of the children. I didný like it much, because the duties of the job were so easy and a little bit boring, but I decided to stay because I never give up or leave things. The experience brought to my life a professional experience in the social sector that I didn´t have before. From the personal point of view it was a really good experience. I met lot of interenting people, I improved my Italian level and I learned more about myself. I already felt like a European citizenship before because I already did another mobility to study abroud. It was in 2009 with an Erasmus grant with wich i went to Bologna for six months and it was a great experience too. I would advice to have a mobility experience to any friend because it helps you to open your mind.

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