Scotland: best experience ever


A story from Urška
Country of origin: Slovenia
Country of destination : Scotland

I always wanted to go on Erasmus experience and the opportunity came back in 2013 when I decided to go to Scotland for 4 months.
I decided to take part in mobility experience for 2 main reasons: I wanted to improve my language skills and become more independent. At that time I was really nervous going to Scotland, because I did not know how well how I found myself in a new environment, but in the end I can say this was one of the best decision I have made. I met a lot of new friends and improve language skills. Day by day my confidence grow and I can say that because of Erasmus experience I become more independent and decisive.

I did not stay in Scotland because to I wanted to start my career in Slovenia and the environment and culture in Scotland gave me new point of view for developing my ideas.
Since then I always recommend Erasmus mobility to all of my friends, because its huge opportunity to get to know yourself.

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