Stefania – Europa….surprise in my life!!


A story by Stefania Zamparelli, Country of origin: Italy; destination country: Belgium

High school … at 8.00 AM….

FRANCESCA: ” … Stefania …Stefania .. You are urgently asked to meet the director!

STEFANIA: ” Oh my gosh …. Francesca..I think they found out that yesterday I did not attend chemical class….. I am terrified! My parents will ask me to leave…

DIRECTOR: Mrs Zamparelli do you know that you created a controversy in our School? I am speaking about the photo contest “To become European citizens»…. Yesterday we looked everywhere to deliver the prize: a one-week trip to Brussels!!! . Even if your photos were denouncing a deterioration of our school, at the end we decided that you were an example of Active Citizen.”

FRANCESCA: What are you doing? … Are you going to Brussels? Alone? I would be afraid ..

STEFANIA: Are you joking? … We are only 10 Italians to have been selected to go to Brussels! And I believe that is a beautiful opportunity!

I would never have imagined that this precise experience could have strongly influenced my growth and my personal and professional life in Europe.

After such experience, I have lived in other countries of Europe for short and long periods, to study (Erasmus) for Vocational Training ( Petra II) , for business ( exchange of experts , and seminars , and training courses ), but I never stopped believing that MOBILITY helps people to BE better and that’s why I  promote mobility in my daily work, loving my job.

Every day I try to offer MOBILITY opportunities especially to those that would never have the chance to do it.

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