European map as a process and not as a unchanging picture.

A story from: Paulo Costa

EVS Project Manager in a hosting Organization in Portugal 


I am sharing my experience as EVS project manager in Portugal. After have done several mobilities in Europe and working many years in youth projects we can think “I am an expert” but I often feel as a learner and this is very nice.
I like geography, European Union issues and History of the 20th century. But I live in a country with the same borders for many centuries, where everyone speaks the same language.IMG_0601
In September I received a girl from Romania… No! A girl from Hungary… Maybe from Ukraine, it’s near… It’s still confusing for me now! In fact there is only one girl, with her identity, personality and many languages competences.
She was born in Hungary, but she lives for a long time in Romania and her family lives part in Hungary and another part in Romania. Why? The borders have changed in world wars.
In that day I learned a lot about European geography. Now I can see the European map as a process and not as a unchanging picture. I can integrate the experience of people and my own experience in that map.


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