Workplacement in Derry

Name: Renata Toth

Country of origin of the beneficiary: Hungary

Country in which s/he realized the mobility project: Ireland

Type of mobility (professional, education, volunteering, non formal training/adult training, youth exchanges): Erasmus+

Because I want to improve my English and I would like to meet new people… I also wanted to become familiar with a new culture and learn the history and culture of another city. I hoped to meet new people and stay with a nice family who could teach me about their way of life and the city.


I would like to stay, because Derry is very beautiful city. I really like. And the people are social and friendly and I want to live here.


Here I feel much better than my country because Hungary is very different than UK or Ireland. Here the people are kind with you and accept you. I have gained both professional and personal qualities during my mobility.  I feel that professionally I have gained a better knowledge and understanding of the job and a better understanding of English as I had the opportunity to improve my English and grow in my profession.


This mobility really helped me to feel like a European because my stay in Derry was absolutely fantastic, thanks above all to the unfailing help and encouragement given to me by my tutor and the skill of my teachers. I just loved the beautiful city of Derry and its hospitable townspeople. An unforgettable experience!! Derry I miss you!!