Antonis – Life is full of beginnings


A story by Antonis Ioannou

Country of Origin: Cyprus

Destination: Plovdiv (Bulgaria)


My experience in Plovdiv, Bulgaria has been very pleasant and fulfilling. I will always remember it because it reminded me of the importance of travelling, meeting people and learning about new cultures. When you reach a certain age you think you more or less experienced and felt everything, you seem to lose a part of your thirst and motivation. This trip made me rediscover myself and life. I spent my whole life in schools, as a teacher and a headmaster, I always wanted and still want to work on new things, and I think such projects make you feel ready to start all over again. I will never forget our discussions in the conference rooms and our chats in the picturesque cafes and bars of Plovdiv, but most importantly, I will never forget the way we all connected, the way we shared our expertise and experience of life. We should never stop connecting. That’s what life is all about. Connecting and re-connecting with people, ideas, feelings, life.

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