Paris “my dream city”!

Irene Mangani

From Italy to France: Erasmus placement

I was 12 when I first told my parents that I wanted to spend a year abroad during University. I didn’t know about the Erasmus programme, but that idea was already in my mind. When I actually started University I applied for the Erasmus placement, I wanted to go to Paris (my “dream-city”) so I started looking for an internship there.

Luckily, I found a great theatre company, and I spent 6 months with this organisation and the young actors who took part in our groups.

This experience gave me the idea of a real Europe: I found friends from all over the world, I learnt a language (or two, English is needed even if you are not in England…) and I started feeling as a European citizen.

The six months passed, and I had to come back. I wanted to finish my studies, so

I quit Paris and my new life and I came back to Florence.

But the story was to be continued…

A year later, I had my degree and I was looking for a job. Paris was still in my mind but I wanted to try to work in Italy first. I failed, and a sad afternoon I wrote an email to my theatre company in France.

Two days later, I had a contract and I was ready for a new experience. I spent one year in Paris, a wonderful year, and now I’m back in Italy again. They called me for a great job in Florence and I decided to give my country another chance. But who knows what the future will be?

I’m aware, now, that I could live wherever I decide to. I just have to follow my dreams. I was lucky, because I had the chance to go where I was dreaming to, and to find great friends and great places… but you can be lucky too: you just have to start!