There’s a story in my eyes

photo - Valentina Rolla


A story from Valentina ROLLA

Country of origin: Italy

Country of destination: Cyprus




The aphorism that accompanied me during the drafting of my thesis was “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm” by R.W. Emerson.

On this basis, I am willing to achieve the goals I have set for my future, including an internship to be carried out in a foreign country.

As soon as I set Cyprus as a destination, at the time I was sending my application, some friends asked: “Why Cyprus?”

I answered: “Because it’s special!”. It turned out I was completely right. I fell in love with Limassol. This city suits me perfectly, especially because of the sea, which is necessary for me to feel good. I’ve also been enjoying people’s friendliness from the very beginning and I got easily involved in the local community.

I made very good friends, built some precious relationships and found the nicest tutors and colleagues ever. People here are Mediterranean just like me and I love them. The internship experience at Meritservus – a Cyprus-based financial and fiduciary services firm – was just what I had sought for a long time.

I had a lot of fears concerning my language skills and the effectiveness of my working skills, but this internship was a challenge to myself and it was meant to contribute to my personal growth.

Thank you everybody, thank you Limassol. To all the future participants of the Leonardo programme, I wish you good luck. And always remember: “IT’S ALWAYS A GOOD DAY TO HAVE A GOOD DAY!”


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