Having a very basic level of French on arrival I found that my level augmented in B2 level


A story by Declan

Country of Origin: Ireland

Country of destination: France

Having found an internship in Bordeaux I was unsure of what to expect. I was lucky enough,

thanks to the support of an intermediary organisation to find an internship in the sector of my studies that being

Renewable energy and the environment.

Having a very basic level of French on arrival I found that my level of French augmented in all

aspects especially listening oral etc. Having studied  french during my stay I am now in a position to do the level B2 in the alliance francaise which is a well enough known around the world adding a helpful new addition to my to my professional capabilities.

The work experience  itself was very refreshing to see how a company in another country

operated.   Working in a wide variety of projects I also got some good practical hands on experience.

The internship overall has been exceptional. Having travelled quite a bit already this was the first

experience of living in a country with a foreign language and has tested and made me grow in

several areas. I can say with confidence that I will certainly return to France in the future to look

for work.

The opportunity to take on an internship like this is priceless and I would encourage everybody to

take part in this experience.

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