Mobility makes you stronger!



A story by- Michael

Country of origin – Cyprus

I was lucky enough to participate in European programmes in several ways. Either through Partnership projects that gave me the chance to travel to other countries or as the tutor of EU programme participants, that chose to come to Cyprus to gain work experience. I have enjoyed both ways and had the chance to meet people from other countries and backgrounds. Most importantly, I was touched by the motivation of EU participants to challenge themselves through such a Mobility Experience. One of our trainees from Italy still works for us, since we offered her a contract. She is hardworking, kind and constantly ready to learn.

I wasn’t lucky enough to have the chance to apply for such a work placement experience when I was younger. The boost this experience gives to someone’s CV  is immense. What is more important, however, is how strong it makes you inside, how it changes you as a person.

And even if I never got this chance in the past, since there weren’t any EU funded projects then, I taste this experience over and over again through our wonderful European trainees. And yes, that makes me stronger too.

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