Marco – I feel more like a European citizen thanks to Derry

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A story by: Marco Nigro

Country of origin: Italy

Destination: Derry, Northern Ireland

Type of mobility: Professional

I decided to take part in this mobility experience to improve my English and also to gain work experience abroad. Before the project, I was a student without any work experience and I wanted to become experienced in the world of work. I prepared for the project by attending English classes with a native speaker and this helped me to feel more ready and also built my confidence before leaving Italy. Although I would love to have stayed in Ireland, I returned to Italy as I have not yet completed my studies. The mobility project has helped me to improve my English, understand native English speakers and feel confident about working abroad in the future. I feel much more independent, self-sufficient and feel much more like a European citizen as I have experienced another culture, something which I have never done before. There are many cultural differences in Derry, with the main one for me being the food. The people in Derry eat a very big breakfast, a small lunch and a big dinner whereas in Italy lunch is the biggest meal of the day. I would definitely recommend a mobility experience to my friends and family as I have grown a lot as a person since participating in the project. My personal skills have developed as well as my professional skills. I have improved my English, met new friends and gained work experience in several different companies. I think it is a great idea for anyone if they get the chance to do it. There are many positives and I personally did not experience any negatives points to the project.

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