Stefania – I think now I am a new person

A Story by Stefania, an Italian architect

Country of Origin: Italy

Destination: Prague (Czech Republic)

(Story collected by Vuste Envis)

Stefania 02 Stefania 01

 About my job-experience during the “Leonardo Mobility Project” in Prague I achieved my internship in two different architectural studios.

Both companies from the beginning helped me to adapt to the cultural, linguistic and professional differences of the country, in particular my training tutors, Head architects of the studio, were very kind, friendly and ready to help me to carry out my program and so thanks to them I easily integrated in the new context.

The placement in these two studios was very relevant to my education and formation; in fact I gained competences and skills in each field. I improved my professional and technical skills in all architecture scales from urban till details scale. In particular the sectors developed were Urban Planning, Architectural Design, CAD Drawing, Modeling 3D, Graphic design. I also perfected my computer skills, using many softwares, for example AutoCad, Archicad, Sketchup, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator CS.

I also learned how to apply new techniques and new methods and how to act in a professional environment in a foreign country. The work has never been very stressful, except for rare cases of  urgent deadlines when I worked on the weekend, but usually work schedules were great (9 am- 6 pm from Monday to Friday). From this Job- experience I also improved my linguistic skills, thanks to the use of English in everyday contexts at work, I developed  my social and organizational competences, interacting with new people from different countries (for example also thanks to some dinners with colleagues and the boss etc..).

But particularly I acquired flexibility and adaptation, overview and open-mindedness, I think now I am a new person and I will see everything through different eyes regardless where I will be. So all in all I very satisfied with this professional experience, also because I got some contacts for future job opportunities and I think now I am more employable. I am so pleased that I decided to continue my professional training and growth abroad and in particular in Prague!

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